Enhancing Feathering of One-Year-Old Gala and Jonagold Apple Trees through Application of 6-Benzylaminopurine and Gibberellins

University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


DORIC, M., N. MAGAZIN, B. MILIC and Z. KESEROVIC, 2015. Enhancing feathering of one-year-old Gala and Jonagold apple trees through application of 6-benzylaminopurine and gibberellins. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 631–637

In apple, synthetic cytokinin 6-benzylaminopurine (BA), either alone or combined with gibberellins 4+7 (GA4+7), plays an important role in overcoming apical dominance and in the production of well-feathered apple nursery trees. The solutions of BA and BA+GA4+7 corresponding to the concentrations of 250, 350 and 450 μl l-1 of active ingredient (BA) were applied three times at 7-day intervals during vegetative period. Feather formation is strongly influenced by type and concentration of plant growth regulators. Increasing concentrations of BA and BA+GA4+7 led to a greater number of feathers, increased feather length, and expanded branching zone. Applied in combination with GA4+7, BA has stronger positive effect on total feather number, feather length, branching zone and tree height, than when applied alone. Compared to BA+GA4+7, BA has a stronger effect on the growth rate of the shoot, resulting in a greater feather angle and a lower tree height, which can be eliminated by addition of GA4+7. The treatments also had different effects on trunk diameter. In Gala, a minor adverse effect of BA on trunk diameter was noted, whereas it was positive in Jonagold.

Key words: apical dominance, auxins, feathers, Malus domestica, nursery trees

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