New Chorological Data of the Vascular Flora of Bulgaria

National Natural History Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG - 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


DIMITROV, D. and V. VUTOV, 2015. New chorological data of the vascular flora of Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 504-506

The territory of Bulgaria consists of 20 floristic regions. Partial revision of 14 floristic regions was conducted. 39 species from the Bulgarian flora were found. New for the floristic regions: Struma valley-1 species, Western Stara Planina Mt-6, Eastern Stara Planina Mt-2, Western Predbalkan-5, Eastern Predbalkan-2, Southern Black Sea Coast-1, Sofia region-1, Vitosha region-4, Northern Pirin-3, Rila-1, Western Rodopi-1, Middle Rodopi-1, Western Sredna Gora-10 and Western border mountains-1. The Balkan endemics are four species: Seseli peucedanoides (M. Bieb.) Kos.-Pol, Anthemis rumelica (Vel.) Stoj & Acht., Minuartia bosniaca (G. Beck) K.Maly and Galium rigidifolium Krendl. Protected species for Bulgaria is Anthemis rumelica (Velen.) Stoj & Acht. Two alien species are Impatiens glandulufera Royle. and Phytolacca americana L.

Key words: Balkan endemic, protected species, alien species, flora, floristic regions

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