Effect of Processed Rice Bran on Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks from Pakistan

1 Reem Rice Mills (Pvt). Limited, Muridke, Sheikhupura, Pakistan
2 PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan
3 University of Agriculture, Institute of Food Science and Technology, Faisalabad, Pakistan


SHAHEEN, M., I. AHMAD, F. M. ANJUM, Q-A. SYED and M. K. SAEED, 2015. Effect of processed rice bran on growth performance of broiler chicks from Pakistan. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 440–445

Rice bran was added in broiler chicks feed by replacing 20% maize or 15% wheat. Significant difference in weight gain, feed consumed, feed conversion ratio (FCR), dressing percentage, pancreas weight, feed cost/chick, feed cost/kg live weight and feed cost/kg dressed meat was observed. Insects and larvae were found to be dead in PRB (processed rice bran). The highest weight gain (growth rate), feed efficiency and dressing percentage were obtained in chicks fed on T4 which also showed the minimum feed cost/kg live weight and feed cost/kg dressed meat. Thus, acetic acid treatment combined with extrusion cooking improved the nutritive value of rice bran and also minimized the toxic factors. T2 (RRB = raw rice bran) exhibited poor performance. The pancreas weight of chicks was normal by feeding extruded rice bran. PRB can be an excellent substitute of maize and wheat for good quality of poultry feed. It can improve nutritional quality of poultry feed which has been reflected by the performance of PRB in different parameter of chicks. It is helpful to give high yield of chicks and to utilize a by-product (rice bran) as good quality feed ingredient for value addition of poultry feed.

Key words: Rice bran; poultry feed; feed conversion ratio (FCR); Broiler chicks
Abbreviations: PRB – Processed Rice Bran; RRB – Raw Rice Bran; FCR – feed conversion ratio; DRB – defatted rice bran

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