Influence of Chemical Composition on Burn Free of Burley Tobacco

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute (TTPI), BG – 4000 Markovo, Bulgaria


KIRKOVA, S. and Y. DYULGERSKI, 2015. Influence of chemical composition on burn free of Burley tobacco. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 333–335

Because of the specific structure and smoking properties Burley tobacco finds a wide application. Studies in technological, chemical and the smoking properties of Burley tobacco show that between them there are a number of dependencies. The aim of the research is a comparative analysis of indigenous and introduced varieties, and consolidated Byrley tobacco lines to determine the influence of chemical composition on burn free. Using standardized methods for analysis and data processing is a proven link between burn free and the most important chemical parameters in burley tobacco. The influence of nicotine and total nitrogen is positive on burn free in Burley tobacco as sugars and ammonia have a negative impact. A strong positive correlation was observed between burn free and ash content and negative between burn free and chlorine content. Protein content was independent of burn free of tobacco. Balanced chemical composition in Burley tobacco is a prerequisite for better burn well.

Key words: Burley tobacco, burn free, burning rate, chemical composition, nicotine, sugars, ashes, ammonia, chlorine

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