Electric Energy Production from Swine Deject: Analysis of Financial Feasibility with the Use of Monte Carlo Simulation for the Implantation of Bio-digester in Brazil

Federal Technological University of Parana, 3165 Sete de Setembro Avenue, Curitiba, ParanĂ¡, Brazil


CATAPAN, A., A. SOUZA, D. C. CATAPAN and J. H. HARZER, 2015. Electric energy production from swine deject: analysis of financial feasibility with the use of Monte Carlo simulation for the implantation of bio-digester in Brazil. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 257–260

The goal of the research is, using technical analysis of investments, determine the point of balance, in number of animals, to enable the implantation of bio-digesters for the generation of electric energy with the use of swine deject. As methods, interviews were held with owners of farms, examination of worksheets of costs and budget control with suppliers for the cash flow Project. Then, it was calculated the indicators of viability and it was made the simulation of Monte Carlo to measure the sensibility of the parameters of entrance. The results of the research pointed that the point of balance are 1009 swines. Considering the premises of Monte Carlo Simulation and considering that p(Net Present Value < 0) = p(Internal Return Rate < Minimum Tax of Attractiveness) needs to be at most 0.20, it is suggested to implant the bio-digester in properties with at least 1075 swines.

Key words: bio-digesters, swines, financial viability

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