Test Results For Machine and Human Hours Spent Producing Different Grape Varieties

1 University of Skopje, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
2 University of Stip, Agricultural Faculty, Stip, R. Macedonia


KUKUTANOV, R., I. CANEV, D. SPASOVA and Z. DAVCEV, 2015. Test results for machine and human hours spent producing different grape varieties. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 237-241

In the production of grapes, no matter which variety works arise expenditure of machine and human work hours in the performance of certain work processes. Expenditure occurs from early vegetation year, until its end and is different depending on the production technology applied by staffing with drive and attaching machines, but the variety and the type, duration of vegetation period to harvest, but also from the yield. Always there was a tendency agriculture staffed with adequate (adequate propulsion machinery and trailers in order certain work processes to be mechanized or half mechanized and designed workflows to perform faster, better and more economical. Significance of these tests can be seen in the fact that after years in our country and in developed countries there is a lack of human labor, as the performance of those business processes that do not need expertise, but also in those work processes requiring trained staff. This issue will continue to be current; exactly these trials will make a meaningful contribution to depict current state, but also the need for engaging people per hectare area for different grape varieties, timely execution of work processes. It is this tendency and trend follow and factories manufacturers of this type of machines each year on the market offering new technical solutions that can ease their work and better to perform with the application of a new production technology that will give quality and quantity of production.

Key words: machine hours, human hours, grape varieties

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