Vegetative and Yield Potential of Cultivars and Selection of Raspberry Cultivated in Conditions of West Serbia

1 Fruit Research Institute, 32000 Čačak, Serbia
2 Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak, Serbia
3 Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad, Serbia


LEPOSAVIĆ, A., D. DUROVIĆ, Z. KESEROVIĆ and D. JEVREMOVIĆ, 2015. Vegetative and yield potential of cultivars and selection of raspberry cultivated in conditions of West Serbia. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 153–159

Over a four-year trial conducted in agro-ecological conditions of the West Serbia, research was done into major vegetative characteristics and yield potential of the Tulameen, Latham and Meeker cultivar and the K 81-6 selection, in comparison with the standard Willamete cultivar. The examined traits included the number of young shoots in the first and the second generations, as well as the impact of multiple removals of young shoots on the number of mature shoots. The height and the diameter of mature shoots were also measured. The yield potential was determined based on the number of fruit-bearing branches per shoot, the number of flowers per fruit-bearing branch, branch length, number of nodes, number of reproductive nodes, number of fruits per reproductive node, number of inflorescence flowers and number of developed leaves.

Key words: Red raspberry, shoots, vigour; fruit-bearing branches, inflorescences

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