Does Enlargement Has Caused Intra and Extra European Union Agri-Food Trade?

S. BOJNEC1 and I. FERTO2,3
1 University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Koper, Slovenia
2 Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
3 Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary


BOJNEC, S. and I. FERTO, 2015. Does enlargement has caused intra and extra European Union agri-food trade? Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 21: 1-15

The article investigates agri-food trade of the European Union (EU-27) countries in two market segments: intra-EU markets vs. total agri-food trade. The EU-27 agri-food exports have increased on both market segments. In a spite of fastest agrifood export growth by new member states (NMS), old member states (OMS) have dominant position in the EU-27 agri-food exports. Around 70% of the EU-27 agri-food exports are on the intra-EU-27 markets. The survival rates for agri-food exports are higher for the OMS than the NMS. The NMS have increased agri-food exports of new varieties/products. Specific results by country are found in evolution and structures of agri-food exports. Following the enlargement, the NMS have increased intra-EU exports, horizontal and high vertical intra-industry trade.

Key words: agri-food exports, intensive and extensive margin, duration analysis, intra-industry trade, European Union
JEL classifications: F14, F15, Q17, C24

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