Selection Approaches for the Sesame Forms Suitable for Mechanized Harvesting

Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, BG - 4122 Sadovo, Bulgaria


STAMATOV, S. and M. DESHEV, 2014. Selection approaches for the sesame forms suitable for mechanized harvesting. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 1435-1438


Receipt of forms suitable for mechanized harvesting is possible by changing the architecture of the fruit box. It must be resistant to cleavage and seeds to be fastened firmly enough placentas to not fall off the entry into the threshing mechanism. As a result of this research work on a collection of sesame dendrogram was created which identified genetic kinship of the studied forms. Analysis of the results helped to determine the parental pairs in the breeding program. The resulting hybridization forms sesame, which are characterized by cleavage resistant box and attached membrane suitable for mechanized harvesting, with minimum loss of seeds. The architecture of this type of box was saved successfully fixed in the next generations. The study established modes of inheritance of phenological signs responsible for the mechanized harvesting.

Key words: sesame, mechanized harvesting, attached membrane, seed loss
Abbreviations: BP - real heterosis, Gca - inheritance in a broad sense, Sca - inheritance in a strict sense

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