Flora and Vegetation of the Natural Formation the „Komatinski rocks“ – Vlahina mountain

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, National Museum of Natural History, BG - 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


VUTOV, V. and D. DIMITROV, 2014. Flora and vegetation of the natural formation the „Komatinski rocks“– Vlahina mountain. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 1375-1379


A research of the flora and vegetation of the natural phenomenon the Komatinski rocks has been conducted. The rocks are located in the floristic area of the Western Frontier Mountains – Vlahina Mountain in particular, situated North-west above the village of Brestovo, Simitli district. The reason for this research is the Simitli’s municipality’s decision to mutilate the natural rocky formation through chiseling into the rocks bas-reliefs of three former Bulgarian presidents. After the publication of the research results, we intend to make a proposal to the ministry of environment and water for the rocks to become a nature’s protected area.

Key words: Balkan endemics, plant community, local flora, species list

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