Effect of Hydro Gel and Soil Cover on Root Mass Produced by the Lawn Mixtures in the Years 2007–2009

University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Agronomy, 08 – 110 Siedlce, Poland


JANKOWSKI, K., J. JANKOWSKA, G. A. CIEPIELA, B. WISNIEWSKA – KADZAJAN, R. KOLCZAREK and J. SOSNOWSKI, 2014. Effect of hydro gel and soil cover on root mass produced by the lawn mixtures in the years 2007–2009. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 1295-1301


Research was carried out in years 2007–2009 on the basis of field experiment in split – plot design, in three repetitions. Mixture lawn was set up for the experiment. In mixture sowing, four species of lawn grass were studied: perennial ryegrass, red fescue, common meadow-grass and common bent. In the experiment, the following factors were applied: bedding type: a- no hydro gel ”0” control plot; b – with the addition of hydro gel at the depths of 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm; soil cover: a – cultivated soil (P); b - horticultural peat (T). At the end of each growth period, turf samples with root systems were collected from the plots at the depth of 10 cm. On their basis, the assessment of root dry matter was carried out and the number of roots was calculated on each turf block. Developing of the root biomass by the tested lawn mixtures in subsequent years of the experiment varied in study years and depends on the depth of the hydro gel placement as well as the type of soil cover. Throughout research period the most root biomass produced a mixture dominated in 40% by Kentucky bluegrass. Type of soil cover only in 2007, significantly differentiated the size of the root biomass produced for the benefit of cultivated soil cover.

Key words: lawn, hydro gel, root biomass, soil cover
Abbreviations: M 1 - Perennial ryegrass 40%; M 2 - Red fescue 40%; M 3 - Kentucky bluegrass 40%; M 4 - Common bent 40%
Note: in this experiment, the following test factors were used:
- Subsoil type (GUH): a / without hydro gel - “0” – control; b / with the addition of the hydro gel placed on the
depth: 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm;
- Soil cover: a / arable soil - (P); b / horticultural peat - (T)
- D.M

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