Development of Technology and Means of Cashmere Down Processing

1 Kazakh National Agrarian University, Department of Energy Saving and Automation, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2 University of Ruse, Department of Automatics and Mechatronics, BG - 7017 Ruse, Bulgaria


IMASHEVA, A., M. OTINSHIEV, D. ALIKHANOV and P. DASKALOV, 2014. Development of technology and means of cashmere down processing. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 980-987


World market the goat down in type cashmere (fineness 11-18 microns) is delivered in insignificant volumes within 5-6 thousand tons from the states of Asia: China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan. The Republic of Kazakhstan has potential possibilities on production increase goat-breeding and it is predetermined as by essential growth in the conditions of market economy of goats number (to 3237.2 thousand in 2010 year in comparison with 980 thousand goals in 1991), and display in home market increasing demand for its production, first of all on the goat down (Razumeev, 2000; Kerven at al., 2005; As a result of this technology of the goat down and wool processing is developed, corresponding to the world standards and their introduction in manufacture on the basis of improvement of dehairing machine.

Key words: goat wool, coarse hair (fiber), goat down, cashmere, combed down, dehairing machine
Abbreviations and Acronyms: δ - an error; Cv - factor of a variation, %; Lср - average length; LпРед - length limits; Fср - average fineness; FпРед - fineness limits

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