Analysis of Farmland Weeds Species Diversity and its Changes in the Different Cropping Systems

1 Zhejiang Agricultural & Forestry University, School of Landscape Architecture, Linan Zhejiang, 311300, China
2 Nanjing Agricultural University, Weed Research Laboratory, Nanjing Jiangsu, 210095, China


YUN-HE, HE and QIANG SHENG, 2014. Analysis of farmland weeds species diversity and its changes in the different cropping systems. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 786-794

The species diversity and its changes of farmland weeds in the different cropping systems along the Yangtze River Basin in Anhui Province were examined in the present study. The results revealed a total of 272 species of weeds of 65 families in all the plots, with the highest number of species of summer-ripening fields and paddy fields presenting the least. The weed species diversity indices S, H′, D, and J were 272, 4.7253, 0.9985, and 0.8429, respectively. In different fields, the species diversity indices S, H′, and J had higher values in summer-ripening fields, followed by autumn-ripening fields and paddy fields; in contrast, the D index showed a higher value in summer-ripening fields, followed by paddy fields and autumn-ripening fields. The results of a Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) indicated correlation between environmental factors and weeds species. The factors affecting weed distribution are geographic location, cultivation system, and irritation days in paddy fields, cropland types and pH in summer-ripening fields and geographic location in autumn-ripening fields.

Key words: Arable weeds, weed species diversity, CCA analysis, Yangtze River, Anhui Province
Abbreviations: SA1, Species Axis1; SA2, Species Axis2; EA1, Environmental Factors Axis1; EA2, Environmental Factors Axis2; N1, Northern latitude; E1, East longitude; Om, Organic matter; N, Quick-acting nitrogen; P, Quickacting phosphorus; K, Quick-acting potassium; Id, Irrigation days; Tg, Topography; Cs, Cultivation system; St, Soil type; Ct, Cropland type; s, samples

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