Properties of New Varieties and Lines Burley Tobacco Investigation on Consumables

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute (TTPI), BG – 4004 Markovo, Bulgaria


KIRKOVA, S., Y. DYULGERSKI and T. MILANOVA, 2014. Properties of new varieties and lines Burley tobacco investigation on consumables. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 643-646


Consistently applied policy of the European Commission and implemented reforms affected dramatically the cultivated areas and the amount of raw tobacco, including and group Burley, both in EU and in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria there is a mismatch between demand and supply of preferred varieties of tobacco, which requires the creation of new varieties of Burley. Main criterion in assessing the quality of tobacco is the result of tasting assessment. The aim of the research is to establish whether created new varieties and lines Burley tobacco have desired and sought after features such as raw material in the manufacture of tobacco products. Based on standardized methods for analysis and processing of the results it is found that the new variety Burley 1344 and Line 1354 excel at consumable properties using standards Burley Pliska 2002.

Key words: tobacco, Burley tobacco, smoking properties, new varieties

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