Total Factor Productivity Growth in Turkish Agriculture: 1992-2012

Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, PK 74 09100, Aydin, Turkey


OZDEN, A., 2014. Total factor productivity growth in Turkish agriculture: 1992-2012. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 469-473


Agricultural sector has an important role in Turkey. Since it provides capital to other sectors, meets the raw material needs of them and contributes to the labor employment in the country. The main purpose of this study is to measure agricultural technical efficiency and Total factor productivity using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and the DEA-based Malmquist TFP index in Turkey in the periods 1992–2012. Value of agricultural production is taken as output. Land, tractors, labour, fertiliser and livestock are taken as input. The results were derived by imposing the assumption of constant returns to scale using an input-oriented DEA. A general specification encompassing all available input and output data was employed to obtain the average TFPC for the sector over the 1992–2012 periods. The average total factor productivity growth in the general model specification is -5.6%. These patterns are largely on the account of technological change as opposed to technical efficiency.

Key words: productivity, efficiency, malmquist, agriculture, Turkey
JEL Classification: Q10, O47, D24

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