Evaluation of the Heavy Metals Content in Soil and Plant Material at Different Distances from the Motorway E75 in the Section Belgrade-Presevo (Serbia)

Institute of Soil Science, Department for Soil Reclamation, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


PIVIC, R., A. STANOJKOVIC-SEBIC, D. JOSIC and Z. DINIC, 2014. Evaluation of the heavy metals content in soil and plant material at different distances from the motorway e75 in the section Belgrade-Presevo (Serbia). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 330-336


The study included the screening of soil and plant material for the contents of some elements along the motorway E75 through Serbia, the section from Belgrade to Presevo (a length of 400 km). Samples of soil and aerial parts of plant material were taken from both sides of lanes at a distance of about 8 km and at 10, 30, 50 and 400 m perpendicular to the direction of the highway.
In the soil samples it were determined pH in 1MKCl and content of total forms of Pb, Cu, As and Hg. The plant material was analyzed for Pb, Cu, As and Hg.
It can be concluded that, besides the anthropogenic pollution, which is reflected in the excessive use of plant protection products and fertilizers, and also the impact of air pollution from motor vehicles in certain sections of the examined area, the dominant influence on concentration of some examined elements comes from geochemical composition of parent material from which the soils were developed.

Key words: soil, plant, heavy metals, highway

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