Evaluation of Cold Storage Insulation by Thermal Images Analysis

1 Namık Kemal University, Technical Sciences Vocational School, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Programme,Tekirdag, Turkey


AKDEMIR, S., 2014. Evaluation of cold storage insulation by thermal images analysis. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 246-254


Thermal camera is useful tool to check the situation of cold storage insulation envolope and to determine spatial distribution of temperature. In this research, insulation of an experimental cold storage was checked by using thermal camera images. Experimental cold storage volume was 60 m3. Granny Smith apple was stored. Storage temperature was +2°C. Transmission heat was calculated as 18.95 kcal/day for the cold storage. According to the thermal image analysis, some insulation problems were determined around sliding door of cold storage.

Key words: cold storage, insulation, thermal image, thermal analysis

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