The Effect of Economic Size on Profitability of Apple Farms

Y. CELIK1 and M. EMRE2
1 Selcuk Universty, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, Selcuklu, Konya, Turkey
2 Egirdir Horticultural Crops Research Institute, Egirdir, Isparta, Turkey.


CELIK, Y. and M. EMRE, 2014. The effect of economic size on profitability of apple farms. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci.,20: 46-50


The effects of economic size on profitableness was investigated by determining economics size classes of agricultural farms that produce apple in Egirdir district of Isparta province with respect to FADN system. The main material of this study was data that collected with survey from 71 farms that produce apple were determined with respect to simple random sampling.
According to research results, economics size classes of farms that produce apple in the study area was alterable between 2.39 ESU and 53.39 ESU and this value was confirmed as 19.40 ESU in average farms. According to standard results of farms, gross farm income margin was vary between 34.27% and 71.18% in economics size classes, farm net value added margin was between 10.35% and 61.38%, family farm income margin was between -9.25% and 44.04% and it was increased in parallel with economic size classes. These results prove that if economic size increases, profit margin of farm will increase and income will increase per scale.

Key words: FADN, apple farms, economic size, profitability
Abbreviations: FADN: Farm Accountancy Data Network; ESU: Economic Size Unit; TSI: Turkish Statistics Institute; EU: European Union; UAA; Utilised Agricultural Area

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