Development of Vacuum Drop Prediction Functions in Conventional and Quarter Individual Milking Systems Using Response Surface Methodology

1 Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim e.V., Department of Engineering for Livestock Management, 14469 Potsdam, Germany
2 Ege University, Ege Vocational Training School
3 Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery, 35100 Bornova-Izmir, Turkey


ROSE-MEIERHOFER, S., H. Oz, A. DEGIRMENCIOGLU, H. BILGEN, U. STROBEL and R. BRUNSCH, 2013. Development of vacuum drop prediction functions in conventional and quarter individual milking systems using response surface methodology. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1437-1444


The objective of this study was to develop empirical functions in order to predict and compare vacuum drops in b and dphase and in claw (or junction point) unconventional and quarter individual milking systems using response surface methodology (RSM). The independent variables considered in the study included the system-working vacuum, pulsation rate and ratio and milk flow rate. Experiments based on the central composite design (CCD), one of the designs in RSM and using water and artificial teat were conducted in the laboratory. The data obtained in the laboratory were then used to develop functions in polynomial form that allowed predicting the vacuum drops in b and d-phase and claw for both systems. The coefficient of the determination for all the models was above 93 % except the one developed for the vacuum drop prediction at junction point in quarter individual milking system. It is believed that the models developed in this study will enhance the knowledge in machine milking and could be used to design the systems for a better performance.

Key words: prediction; machine milking;central composite design; b- and d-phase; experiment design
Abbreviations: AMS - Automatic milking system; CC D - Central composite design; CON - Conventional milking system; MULTI - MultiLactor®; RMS - Response surface methodology; SCC - Somatic cell count; VC – vacuum drops in conventional milking system; VQ - Vacuum drops in quarter individual milking system

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