The Factors Affecting Fish Consumption of the Consumers in Kesan Township in Edirne

Trakya University, Department of Intenational Trade, Kesan Yusuf Capraz School of Applied Siciences, Edirne, Kesan, Turkey


ONURLUBAS, E., 2013. The factors affecting fish consumption of the consumers in Kesan Township in Edirne. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1346-1350


In this study, surveys have been conducted to 271 people in order to determine fish consumption habit and preferences of the people in Kesan Centre Township in Edirne. In the study, it has been determined that 98.8% percent of the consumers consume fish. According to the research findings it has been determined that annual fish consumption amount for per capita is 23.02 kg. In the study, in order to analyze the factors affecting families’ fish consumption amount, logit model has been used. According to the logit model results; it has been identified that age, gender and the number of individuals in the family variables effect families’ fish consumption amount statistically.

Key words: fish consumption, consumer decisions, logit model, Kesan

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