Effect of Water Stress, Bio-Fertilizer and Manure on Seed and Essential Oil Yield and Some Morphological Traits of Cumin

Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Agriculture, Birjand Branch, Birjand, Iran


SEGHATOLESLAMI, M., 2013. Effect of water stress, bio-fertilizer and manure on seed and essential oil yield and some morphological traits of cumin. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1268-1274


Cumin is a drought resistant medicinal plant adapted to arid and semi arid regions. Primary productivity in these regions is generally low. In order to study the effect of water stress, manure and bio-fertilizer on cumin a split plot design based on randomized complete block with 3 replications was conducted in two successive growth seasons (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) in Birjand, Iran. Two irrigation treatments (rainfall+3 irrigations as water stress and rainfall+6 irrigations as control) were in main plots and 7 fertilization methods (control- no fertilizer, 10 t/ha manure- 10M, 5t/ha manure- 5M, 50 kg/ha nitrogen as urea- 50N, 5M+25N and seed inoculation with Pseudomonas putida and P. fluorescence) were in sub plots. Results demonstrated that seed and essential oil yield, plant height and umbel number per plant significantly declined in water stress conditions, but branch number per plant and essential oil and seed germination percentage were not significantly affected by water stress. In water stress conditions, the highest seed yield related to 5M+25N treatment. The effect of fertilizer treatments on plant height, branch number per plant and seed essential oil and germination percentage were not significant. In conclusion, results showed that manure could be used effectively to modify the impact of water shortage and to stimulate an increase in cumin seed and essential oil yields probably through improving the water holding capacity of the soil. Nitrogen application with manure improved the effect of manure application. Seed inoculation with Pseudomonas sp. demonstrated no positive effect on plant growth and yield.

Key words: cumin, manure, bio fertilizer, essential oil, germination, morphology

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