Evaluation of Whole-Body Vibration Risk in Agricultural Tractor Drivers

The School of Higher Technical Professional Education, Nish, Serbia


CVETANOVIC, B. and D. ZLATKOVIC, 2013. Evaluation of whole-body vibration risk in agricultural tractor drivers. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1155-1160


During their work, agricultural tractor drivers are exposed to various negative influences, among which vibrations are especially harmful. It is about vibrations generated in engine while the tractor is working, which are then transmitted to the driver’s body through the seat, the frame and the controls. Exposure to these vibrations over a longer period can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, measuring and evaluating of vibrations are critical from the aspect of developing safety measures. A measurement of vibrations in older models of IMT tractors shows that more than one-hour work with these models regularly causes a risk of intense daily vibration exposure, with the values much higher than those allowed by law. In these cases, the employer is obliged to take safety and organizational measures to reduce the vibration values to acceptable level.

Key words: whole body vibration, daily vibration exposure, agricultural tractor

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