Effect of Concentrate Supplement on Slaughter Value and Meat Quality of Limousin Suckler Beef Reared on Pasture until the Age of 8 Months

1 University of Life Sciences, Department of Commodity Science and Animal Raw Materials Processing, 20-950 Lublin, Poland
2 University of Life Sciences, Department of Breeding and Conservation of Genetic Resources of Cattle, 20-950 Lublin, Poland


FLOREK, M., P. STANEK, Z. LITWIŃCZU and P. ŻÓŁKIEWSKI, 2013. Effect of concentrate supplement on slaughter value and meat quality of Limousin suckler beef reared on pasture until the age of 8 months. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1112-1119


The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of concentrate (ground grain) served to Limousine suckler beef in the period of rearing on pasture with mothers until the age of 8 months on slaughter value and quality of two skeletal muscles, i.e. musculus longissimus lumborum and musculus semitendinosus. The slaughter value parameters (e.g. dressing percentage, round dissection results, linear measurements) of calves’ carcasses were determined and samples of m. longissimus lumborum – MLL and m. semitendinosus – MST for basic chemical composition and intrinsic properties determinations were collected. The supplement of concentrate in a dose of calves reared on pasture with their mothers effected on higher slaughter output (by 2 percentage points), significantly (P<0.05) higher weight of round (more than 4 kg) and significantly (P<0.05) larger share of meat in the round (by 2.35 percentage points) and the lower share of bones (P<0.05) and fat with regard to calves not receiving the concentrate. Simultaneously, concentrate supplement did not affect the deterioration of Limousin veal quality and in some cases, the quality was even improved in comparison with the control group. The results obtained in own study indicate that supplementing of nutritional dose of calves on pasture with a certain amount of concentrate is economically justified. The issue that needs a solution is elaborating of technique, quantity and quality of fodder according to a target slaughter weight (age) and nutritive value of the pasture without compromising the meat quality.

Key words: Limousin, suckler beef, slaughter value, meat quality
Abbreviations: MJ – megajoule; MLL – musculus longissimus lumborum; MST – musculus semitendinosus; EC – electrical conductivity; W/B – moisture:protein proportion; DFD – dark, firm, dry meat

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