Effects of Drought Stress on Growth and Development Frankenia Plant (Frankenia Leavis)

1 Shahid Chamran University, Department of Horticultural Science, Ahwaz, Iran
2 Shahid Chamran University, Department of Irrigation and Drainage. Faculty of Water Sciences, Ahwaz, Iran


CHEGAH , S., M. CHEHRAZI and M. ALBAJI, 2013. Effects of drought stress on growth and development Frankenia plant (Frankenia Leavis). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 659-665


This research was conducted to investigate the effects of drought stress on Frankenia Leavis. Experiments carried out under a randomized complete blocks in horticulture farm in Ahwaz Shahid Chamran University-Iran, with three replication. The Irrigations treatments were 100% Field Capacity (FC) (control), 70% FC and 50% FC respectively. The results showed that control treatment to other had significant different (1%) at contents of proline, chlorophyll, soluble sugars, water use efficiency, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots. Among the evaluated parameters, the highest accumulation of proline and soluble sugars were observed at 50% FC treatment. While the highest of chlorophyll, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots were showed at control treatment (100% FC). The highest of water use efficiency showed at 70% FC treatment. At the other hand, there was not significantly difference between 100% FC and 70% FC treatments on water use efficiency. Finally, based on the obtained results, Frankenia Leavis can thrifty about 30% of irrigation content.

Key words: chlorophyll, Frankenia, proline, sugar soluble and water use efficiency

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