A Research on the Turbidity and Wax Composition of Sunflower and Corn Oils During Winterization

1 Celal Bayar University, Engineering Faculty, Food Engineering Department, Muradiye Campus, 45140 Manisa, Turkey
2 Fatih University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry, 34500 Istanbul, Turkey


ERGONUL, P. G. and C. NERGIZ, 2013. A Research on the turbidity and wax composition of sunflower and corn oils during winterization. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 497-502


The effects of different filter aid materials at different ratios (0.3 or 0.6%, w/w) and different time in winterization on wax content and turbidity of sunflower and corn oils were studied. For both oils, the major part of waxes was removed within 24 h of winterization using 0.6% kieselghur and turbidity was also decreased at the end of the 24 h. Using filter aids is quite effective in removing of waxes so turbidity. The effects of using different filter aid materials and different time of winterization were found statistically important on wax content of both oils (p<0.001). Turbidity values showed differences due to the wax content of oils, applied pressure and time.

Key words: Corn oil, filter aids, sunflower oil, turbidity, wax, winterization

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