Pulsatilla styriaca (Pritzel) Simonk. (Ranunculaceae) - a New Species for Bulgarian Flora

University of Forestry, Department of Dendrology, Faculty of Forestry, BG - 1756 Sofia,Bulgaria


TASHEV, A., 2013. Pulsatilla styriaca (Pritzel) Simonk. (Ranunculaceae) - a new species for Bulgarian flora. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 347-352


The paper presents first record of the rare and endangered species Pulsatilla styriaca (Pritzel) Simonk. (P. halleri (All.) Willd. subsp. styriaca (Pritzel) Zāmels), a species not known for the Bulgarian flora so far and found to date only in Eastern Austria. The locality reported is situated in Western Sredna Gora and has been monitored during the period 1998 – 2010. During the 1998 inventory total 89 individuals were found, 53 of which having generative stems. Next inventories revealed a clear trend of decreasing the population size. The main trees, shrubs and other plant species in the locality are reported and the results showed that it is within a habitat of European importance. A status of protected site is recommended for the locality.

Key words: Bulgaria, new species, Pulsatilla styriaca (Pritzel) Simonk.

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