Energy Consumption of an Experimental Cold Storage

Namik Kemal University, Technical Sciences Vocational School, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Programm, 59030 Tekirdag, Turkey


AKDEMIR, S., 2012. Energy consumption of an experimental cold storage. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 18: 991-996

Energy consumption of an experimental cold storage was measured for different storage temperatures. Suction temperature and pressure temperature of the compressor and working time of the compressor were determined to reach evaporator set up temperatures. Capacity of compressor, condenser, and evaporator were 10460 kJ/h, 12552 kJ/h, and 10460 kJ/h, respectively. An axial fan located back of the evaporator was used to distribute the cooled air into the cold store. An electrical
heater was used to defrost. Refrigerant was R22.
The compressor suction and pressure temperatures varied between 1.8°C-14°C, and 37°C-44°C, respectively. Condenser output temperature changed from 28.8 to 45.5°C. Electrical energy consumption were measured as 0.001 kWh for 5°C, 4°C, and 3°C and 0.003 kWh for 2°C, 0.006 kWh for 1°C, 0.001 kWh for -1°C, 0.109 kWh for -2°C and 0.120 kWh for -3°C. Mean energy consumption of the compressor was 0.035 kWh/°C for positive cold storage temperatures (from 5°C to 0°C) and 0.093 kWh/°C for negative temperatures (-1°C, -2°C, and -3°C). Working time of the compressor was changed from 207 s to 25049 s for test temperatures.

Key words: energy consumption, cold storage, refrigeration

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