The Language of Some Wild Predators in Soundgrams (Spectrograms)

1 University of Forestry, BG – 1474 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Animal Language Research Laboratory, BG – 1474 Sofia, Bulgaria


ALEXANDROVA, V. and Y. KOSTOV, 2012. The language of some wild predators in soundgrams (spectrograms). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 18: 133-137

This article describes the graphic records of sounds, emitted by some wild predators, the coded signal and its constituent parts are visualized by electronic equipment. the signal, emitted by the animals, was characterized by amplitude and frequency modulation, phase, pause and oscilloscopic form in a graphic curve. the records showed that the signals were modulated in the form of a code of sound vibrations depending on the animal species.

Key words: wild animals, soundgrams, spectrograms

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