Regression Analysis of Grain Weight per Plant in Barley Crosses

Selcuk University, Agricultural Faculty, 42031 Konya, Turkey


AKGUN, N. and A.TOPAL, 2011. Regression analysis of grain weight per plant in barley crosses. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 773-776

The knowledge of inheritance mode is a permanent requirement in successful plant breeding. Grain weight per plant has been investigated in a trial consisting of 4 divergent barley varieties (Bulbul 89, V. nudum L., Karatay 94 and H. spontaneum Koch.) grown in 4x4 diallel. ANOVA showed meaningful contribution both, additive and non-additive components in total variation. Regression analysis revealed different array of dominant and recessive alleles, as well as, complex inheritance system was detected. The V. nudum L. held predominant number of recessive genes, while variety Karatay 94 harboured more dominant genes for the trait in study. The results were strongly influenced by parental divergence and complexity of the inheritance system for the trait in study.

Key words: barley, grain weight per plant, diallel, regression analysis

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