Vineyard Microregioning in Kramolin (Suhindol Area, Bulgaria) by GIS

1 University of Forestry, Agrarian Faculty, BG – 1471 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Agrarian University, BG – 4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


POPOV, K. and J. ARNAUDOVA, 2011. Vineyard microregioning in kramolin (Suhindol area, Bulgaria) by GIS. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 760-766

Suhindol area is famous for its red wine grape varieties and is one of the approved areas for growing the variety Gamza.
GIS (Geographical Information Systems) were used for vineyard microregioning in this area. Climate parameters were identified by simulation optimization. An analysis of suitable soils for vineyard growing was made based on the existing soil map of the area.
The optimal conditions for the development of each vine variety were identified for each microregion, using preliminary defined limiting conditions. Three microregions were outlined for the production of good quality dry red wine and table grapes. Specific varieties and suitable vine rootstocks were defined, depending on the soil and climatic parameters.

Key words: Geographic Information System (GIS), regioning, microregioning, soils, climate, vine varieties, vine rootstocks

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