Plant-parasitic Nematodes Associated with Strawberry (Fragaria aiianassa Duch.) in Bulgaria

Department of Entomology, Agricultural University, BG - 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


SAMALIEV, H. Y. and M. MOHAMEDOVA, 2011. Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with strawberry (Fragaria aiianassa Duch.) in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 730-735

A survey was conducted in five major strawberry growing regions in Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Ruse, Vratza and Sofia) to study the occurrence of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.). A total 205 soil and 109 foliage samples containing mixed populations of 10 genera and 15 species belonging to order Tylenchida and Dorylaimida were analyzed. The identified species were: Aphelenchoides fragariae, Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi, Aphelenchoides besseyi, Criconema nutabile, Diylenchus dipsaci, Helicotylenchus dihystera, Longidorus caespiticola, Longidorus elongates, Meloidogyne arenaria, Meloidogyne hapla, Pratylenchus penetrans, Pratylenchus microdorus, Paratylenchus pseudoparietinus, Tylenchorhynchus claytoni and Xiphinema pachtaicum. Many of the observed species are phytopathologically important parasites of strawberry and some are also vectors of plant viruses. Frequency and density of each species were highly variable from field to field and within the field.

Key words: Plant-parasitic nematodes, strawberry, distribution frequency, population density, Bulgaria

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