Rootstock and Cultivar Effect on Mineral Nutrition, Seasonal Nutrient Variation and Correlations Among Leaf, Flower and Fruit Nutrient Concentrations in Apple Trees

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Suleyman Demirel Universtiy, Isparta 32100, Turkey


KUCUKYUMUK, ZELIHA and IBRAHIM ERDAL, 2011. Rootstock and cultivar effect on mineral nutrition, seasonal nutrient variation and correlations among leaf, flower and fruit nutrient concentrations in apple trees. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 633-641

This study aimed to investigate differences of nutrient concentrations among rootstocks and cultivars even they are grown in the same conditions. The other goal of this experiment was to determine seasonal variations of leaf nutrient concentrations during growing period. Determining relations among leaf, flower and fruit nutrient concentrations was another purpose of this study. For these purposes four rootstocks and cultivars were used. Among the rootstocks, MM106 had the highest level of nutrient concentrations whereas M9 had the lowest. Mondial Gala cultivar had higher nutrient concentration compared to others. The highest leaf mineral nutrient concentrations were determined on July in general.

Key words: apple, rootstock, cultivar, seasonal variations, nutrient concentrations

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