Operating and Economic Tests of Taking Test Probes of Grapes for Determination of Quality

1 Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
2 Agricultural Faculty in Shtip, R. Macedonia


CANEV, I. and R. KUKUTANOV, 2011. Operating and economic tests of taking test probes of grapes for determination of quality. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 592-596

This paper will present the results from three years of trials and economic exploitation of work of the probe for testing of grapes in order to determine its quality. the tests were performed in the winery Skovin with testing probe from the program Siprem. It is a fully automated business process. Probes automatically takes test (copy) of the grape from the vehicle that performs transport and supply the grape to the ramps for unloading, and for a few minutes automatically determining the quality of grape.This enables a continuous flow of admissions to a basket of grapes on one side and the timely and quality monitoring of the quality of grapes and timely preparation of other processing equipment for receiving and processing the resulting grape pulp based on its previously determined quality. By means of automating this working process in the technology of processing of the grapes it will provide accurate, timely and precise assessment of the quality characteristics of the grape, but there is always question: whether the procurement of such sophisticated equipment would be justified in terms of its cost, relative to the cost of a trial, or in respect of the exploitation characteristics probe achieves during the production year.

Key words: probe for taking a test, quality of grapes, economic and operational trials

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