A Review of Agribusiness Copper Use Effects on Environment

Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing, Zalskega Tabora 2, SI-3310 Zalec, Slovenia


PAVLOVIC, M., 2011. A review of agribusiness copper use effects on environment. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 491-500

Pest control is a critical factor in most commercial orchards and vineyards. There is a demand from growers for increased efficiency of spraying, i.e. improving efficiency of deposition, reducing drift and increasing sprayer output. However, incorrect and uncontrolled use of plant protection products can cause an economic damage due to inadequate yields and quality, wild life damage with undesired effects on non-target species and environment damage because of a direct pollution. Various modern studies in a field of plant protection products are directed to the development of methods used to determine the deposit of plant protection products in order to reduce their direct environmental impact. Evaluations of various spray equipments and application parameters in a plant protection often involve quantitative methods for assessment of spray coverage, deposit and drift. Copper and its compounds have a long year and wide-ranging employment in agriculture. In a review paper a role of cooper in a plant protection and as a spray tracer is outlined, specially related to its long year accumulation in soil and consequently its effects on environment.

Key words: Farm management, plant protection, copper, environment

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