Effects of Modified Atmosphere Packing and Ethanol Treatment on Quality of Minimally Processed Table Grapes during Cold Storage


Selcuk University, Agricultural Faculty, Horticultural Department, 42070 Konya, Turkey


SABIR, F. K., A. SABIR and Z. KARA, 2010. Effects of modified atmosphere packing and ethanol treatment on quality of minimally processed table grapes during cold storage. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 16: 678-686

During the past few years, minimally processing industry worldwide has grown rapidly. So far, a number of studies were conducted on extending the postharvest quality of processed commodities. However, literature investigations on minimally processed grapes revealed that limited publications is available. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and ethanol treatments on quality maintenance of stemless grapes cv. ‘Muskule’ (V. vinifera L.). The grape berries were stored at 0±1ºC for 4 weeks and assessed weekly intervals to determine the changes in quality characteristics. All the treatments helped to minimize the quality loss of berries in varying degrees, while untreated berries lost their marketable quality around the 3rd week. The taste of the berries was not impaired by applications during storage. MAP was superior in most cases such as restriction of weight loss, and maintenance of berry appearance in comparison with ethanol. Ethanol also helped to preserve the overall quality of stemless berries during storage, although it was ineffective in prohibiting the loss in weight. On the other hand, the use of MAP together with ethanol exhibited the best results in maintenance of overall quality parameters. Therefore, the use such combination shows promise to extend the quality of minimally processed grapes in cold storage.

Key words: grape, minimal processing, ethanol, weight loss, berry decay

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