Effect of Hostazym C 100 on Growth Performance and Some Hematological and Ethological Indexes of Yearling RAMS

Trakia University, Faculty of Agrarian Science, BG –6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


VARLYAKOV, I., N. GRIGOROVA and T. SLAVOV, 2010. Effect of Hostazym c 100 on growth performance and some hematological and ethological indexes of yearling rams. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 16: 659-664

A scientific and economic experiment was carried out for testing the effect of the multienzyme fibrolytic preparation Hostazym C100 on growth performance, feeding behavior and some hematological indexes of yearling rams for a period of 100 days. Hostazym C100 has a predominant endo-1,4-b-glucanase and secondary cellulase, á-amylase, protease and hemicellulase activity and has not been tested on ruminants yet. The experiment encompassed 12 yearling rams of the Blackhead Pleven breed with an average live weight of 26.460 ± 0.220 kg at the beginning of the trial, divided into two groups – control and experimental. They were fed an equal ration containing 60% concentrate mixture and 40% meadow hay. Ten days prior to the trial, the ration of the experimental group of animals was supplemented with Hostazym C100 in a dose of 1 g/kg of concentrate mixture. The following effects of Hostazym C100 were found: reduction of the consumption of dry matter of the ration per 1 kg of weight gain with 3.6% and insignificant increase of the average daily gain, slight decrease of feeding activity at the expense of reduced feeding period and increased rumination period in standing position. No negative effects on hematological indexes were found.

Key words: exogenous enzymes, weight gain, feeding behavior, blood

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