Programme of the Water Moving Through the Soil And Transport of Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertilizer


1 University of Nis, Department of Civil Engineering Faculty, Aleksandra Medvedeva 20, Nis 18000, Republic of Serbia
2 University of Novi Sad, Department of Technical Faculty, Dure Dakovica bb, Zrenjanin 23000, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia
3 Department of Civil Engineering Faculty, Serbian Railway-Nis, Kralja Aleksandra 11/3, Nis 18000, Republic of Serbia


ZLATKOVIC, D., Z. ADAMOVIC and D. MILENKOVIC, 2010. Programme of the water moving through the soil and transport of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 16: 585-589

The moving of the water and the moving of mineral substances through the soil is a problem which has to be determined as soon as possible, because of the increase of mineral substances in the soil, pollution of the soil and the increase of underground water, which will create a significant problem in the future of the civilization. With this programme, we can define the contents of mineral substances in every “cm” of the depth of the soil; we can trace the pollution, control the quantity of mineral substances and protect the soil and the underground waters.

Key words: pollution of the soil, the pollution moving through the soil, defines of the moving through the programme.

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