Irrigation Regime of Grain Maize

Agricultural Institute, BG - 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


A. STOYANOVA, A., 2009. Irrigation regime of grain maize. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 528-532

Experimental survey was performed during 2003 - 2006 on the experimental field of Agricultural institute, Stara Zagora on soil type leached smolnitza. Influence of irrigation through one and two furrows on the maize grain yield was investigated in the next variants: Irrigation by FWC for the layer 0 - 100 cm; Irrigation through one furrow at M = Irrigation through one furrow at M =; Irrigation through two furrow at M =; Irrigation through two furrow at M = Results from the survey demonstrated that for the condition on soil type leached smolnitza optimal irrigation of maize for grain, realized by supporting of before irrigation moisture FWC supply 7883kg.ha-1 grain. Irrigation of maize in the groove and two furrows, with the same water as in the optimal variant leads to reduction in yield compared to the optimum, by and, and to reduce irrigation by rate the reduction in yield was and Upon submission of irrigation water through a groove with the size of the irrigated rate 60 mm, decrease the yield of to compared with variations in each irrigation furrow irrigation at the same rate. The reduction in yield when irrigation with furrow irrigation in normal 30mm versus irrigation in each furrow irrigation with normal 60mm was from to Two irrigation furrows with 60mm irrigation rate resulted in significant reduction of the resulting yield and ranged from to 160

Key words: irrigation, irrigation norm (M), water deficit, yield

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