Economic Aspect of Soil Tillage Systems in Canola Farming

University of Namik Kemal, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Farm Machinery, 59030 Tekirdag, Turkey


SAGLAM, C., Y. BAYHAN, E. GONULOL and P. ULGER, 2009. Economic aspect of soil tillage systems in Canola farming. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 237-242

Wheat and Sunflower as a crop rotation are main production in Trakya Region. Recently farmers have also been cultivating canola with sunflower and wheat crop rotation. Canola, wheat and sunflower are being cultivated every three years respectively. Tillage systems of canola which is the new product for Turkey and Trakya Region were determinate in the research. Economic analyze of the systems used in the canola farming was also evaluated in the study. Before the trials a survey on to determine tillage systems was done in the area. Three kinds of conventional, heavy and reduced tillage systems were evaluated in the study In the Systems of conventional (A) and heavy tillage (B) fuel consumption with 52 l ha-1 was the highest. The lowest fuel consumption was found in the reduced system (C) with 37 l ha-1. It is obvious that tillage systems give the best results for cost parameters.

Key words: Canola, conventional tillage, reduced tillage, economic analyze

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