Technological Investigation on Quality and Possibilities for Widening the Production of Market Demanded Oriental Type Tobaccos
Message II: Technological Investigation on Krumovgrad 90

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, BG - 4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOVA, V., 2007. Technological investigation on quality and possibilities for widening the production of market demanded oriental type tobaccos. Message II: Technological investigation on Krumovgrad 90. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 13: 63-73

As far as market demanded tobaccos in our country are concerned, the greatest interest is paid in the ecotype of Krumovgrad because of its characteristic qualities demanded at the international market. This investigation refers to the variety of Krumovgrad 90, grown in different regions, respectively origins, as compared to tobacco from the typical region of Krumovgrad and the mass varieties for the respective origins. The main indices characterizing the quality have been investigated and a complex evaluation of tobaccos from the different regions and sub-regions of the origins has been made. It has been established that the quality of Krumovgrad 90 variety from the different regions and sub-regions of the origins investigated does not differ significantly from that of tobacco grown in the typical region. The differences can be found in the admissible limits of the type, which is due to the existing differences in the ecological conditions and the agricultural technique applied. It is completely possible to grow this variety in the regions of the origin of “Melnik”, while as regards the origin of “Nevrokop” - its quality is inferior to that of the local N 261.

Key words: Oriental type tobaccos, variety of Krumovgrad 90, quality index

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