Study on Cherry Tomato in High Plastic Tunnel and in Trakya Conditions

Trakya University, Faculty of Agriculture, Tekirdag, Turkey


ACIKGOZ, Funda ERYILMAZ, 2006. Study on cherry tomato in high plastic tunnel and in Trakya conditions. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 775-780

This study was realised in the production fields (plastic high tunnel) of Green housing Department of Trakya University Corlu Vocational High School, Tekirdag - Turkey. The experiment was set in a four times recurrence and according to the experimental design of randomly selected blocks. In the examination, 3 F1 hybrid varieties (Somma F1, Sweet 100 F1, Sweet Million F1) and 1 standard variety were used in the sowing time condition of April.
Somma F1, Sweet 100 F1 varieties are suggested for the region regarding total efficiency, fruit weight, and fruit diameter. For the variety of Somma F1; the total yield was determined as 12.241.52 kg/da, fruit weight as 20.13 g and fruit diameter as 33.21 mm.

Key words: cherry tomato (L. Esculentum Mill var. Cerasiforme), efficiency