Effect of Soil Moisture Deficiency or Excess on Alkaloid Concentration of Datura godronii Danert

Institute for Roses and Aromatic Plants, BG - 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria


NEDKOV, N., 2005. Effect of soil moisture deficiency or excess on alkaloid concentration of Datura godronii Danert. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 11:701-705

We conducted a pot study of the effect of excessive water quantities above regular soil moisture on the synthesis and accumulation of atropine and scopolamine alkaloids in the above-ground plant parts of cv. Minka of Datura godronii Danert. We found that the optimal soil moisture for plant development was also optimal for alkaloid synthesis and accumulation in leaves. Drought lead to greater reduction of atropine concentration and excess moisture accounted for the same in scopolamine concentration.
Moreover, both long-term drought and excess moisture had a greater negative effect than short-term soil moisture changes.

Key words: Datura godronii Danert, alkaloids, soil moisture, atropine, scopolamine