An Estimation of Individual Laboratory Yield of Sheep Cheese

Institute of Animal Science, Department of Sheep Breeding, BG-2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


RAICHEVA, E., T. IVANOVA and I. TASKOVA, 2005. An estimation of individual laboratory yield of sheep cheese. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 11: 99-104

The aim of this research was the estimation of cheese yield from individual milk samples by using of modified method.
The individual laboratory yield of cheese was determinate on 20 number milk samples from newfound Bulgarian milk breed as from each milk sample were made two parallel studies. For estimation of ILRC was developed modified method. Some parameters were evaluated at the modification of the method (type and size of centrifuge tube; the amount of milk samples and rennet; time and temperature, Co of drying in the open air). A final combination of these parameters was selected that optimize accuracy of the method.
The established high correlation coefficient between the two parallel studies and the high repeatability between milk sample (r= 0.78 ***, rr = 0.79 ***) were indicated that the used modified method for estimation of the individual laboratory yield cheese was suitable to apply.
The laboratory yield of cheese (2.497g) was obtained from milk of newfound Bulgarian milk breed with total solids, fat and protein content, ratio protein:fat, active acidity, pH and titrable acidity, o T respectively 18.20 %, 5.70%, 6.76 %, 1.22, 6.49 and 19.94.
The correlation coefficients between the individual laboratory yield of cheese and content of total solids and fat were positive, considerable and significant (r = 0.60**, 0.61***)

Key words: dairy sheep, modified method, individual laboratory yield of cheese, milk for control day, correlation coefficients and repeatability
Abbreviations: ILRC - individual laboratory yield of cheese