Investigation on the Impac of Moisture Content and Duration of Curing over Flue-Cured Tobacco Quality

Institute of Tobacco and Tobacco Products, BG-4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOVA, V. and D. DRACHEV, 2004. Investigation on the impac of moisture content and duration of curing over flue-cured tobacco quality. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 229–232

We are interested in the relations that exist between moisture content and duration of the process at different tobacco maturity stages for making its quality. The purpose of this paper is to study the above relations. Determined is the tobacco moisture content at different stages of the process and indicators, determining the tobacco quality. We have applied known conventional methods. Regressive relations are drawn to express the relation between moisture content and duration of the process, as well as the curves of the rate of curing. It is demonstrated a considerable increase in the duration of curing with technically immature tobacco and a logarithm dependence between moisture content and duration of the process. The second stage of curing (dropping rate) starts at different moisture content of the two investigated variants – technically matured and immature tobacco.

Key words: flue-cured, rate of curing, quality, chemical indicators, physical indicators