Investigation on Krumovgrad Origin Grown in Different Bulgarian Regions

Institute of Tobacco and Tobacco Products, BG-4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


DRACHEV, D., 2004. Investigation on Krumovgrad origin grown in different Bulgarian regions. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 165–167

Depending on the geographical position, orohydrography, sea level, climate and soil conditions, variety and the agricultural equipment used, there are separate tobacco regions differentiated in our country where tobaccos with qualities that make the corresponding origin are grown. This investigation examines the influence the region for Krumovgrad origin growing has over its quality.
We have used typical chemical indicators to determine the quality differences. The results presented are based on evaluation of harvesting, making the quality material – the third mother and kovalama. It is determined that the best typical origin quality has the tobacco grown in Krumovgrad region. The tobaccos of the other regions where Krumovgrad origin is grown (Kardzhali and Parvomay) possess a characteristic quality that much or less deviates from the one that is typical for Krumovgrad origin.

Key words: oriental tobacco, chemical indicators, quality, tobacco smoke