Detection of Cereal Viruses and Study of Aphid Population in Bulgaria*

1 Institute of Plant Protection, BG-2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
2 Federal Centre for Research Breeding of Cultivated Plants, Theodor-Roemer-Weg 4, D-06449, Germany


BAKARDJIEVA, N., C. KRASTEVA, A. HABEKUSS and F. RABENSTEIN, 2004. Detection of cereal viruses and study of aphid population in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 161–164

The article presents results form a research project directed towards the viruses composing the infectious background of the wheat and barley in Bulgaria. The presence of five new for Bulgaria viruses BaMMV, BaYMV, BStMV, CDV and WDV was registered.
During the autumn period in favourable weather conditions Sitobion avenae is the usual harmful agent among the crops of winter barley. The other aphid Schizaphis graminum appears more rarely. Later among the crops of winter barley the share of Rhopalosiphum maidis and Rhopalosiphum padi increase.
During the spring period seven ahids species: Metopolophium dirhodum, M. festucae, R. maidis, R. padi, S. graminum, S. avenae and Sipha maydis are found in the crops of wheat, winter and spring barley. Fife of them: M. dirhodum, R. maidis, R. padi, S. avenae and S. graminum are known as vectors of BYDV. S. avenae has the greatest share in the aphid infestation of the wheat, winter and spring barley crops.

Key words: BYDV, BaMMV, BaYMV, WDV, cereal crops, aphids

*The paper was presented at the 3rd Balkan Conference of Microbiology held on September 4-6, 2003 at Marmara hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.