Inheritance of Sugar and Soluble Ashes Content and Heterosis Effect in the Productivity of Triploid Sugar Beet Hybrids

Agricultural Institute, BG - 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


KIKINDONOV, G., 2004. Inheritance of sugar and soluble ashes content and heterosis effect in the productivity of triploid sugar beet hybrids. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 679-684

The research treats the type of inheritance of the sugar content and the content of soluble ashes and the heterosis effect in triploid sugar beet hybrids, obtained by crosses between newly created monogerm lines and multigerm pollinators. It has been established a categorical dominating of the pollinators' higher sugar content and stronger influence of the tetraploid parent on the heredity of the triploid hybrids. The hybrids of the monogerm lines MS113 and MS1023, and these of the pollinators M63 and M985 have the most favorable inheritance of the higher sugar content and the lower soluble ashes content of the respective parents. The crosses of the multigerm pollinator M985 and the line MS1023 show the highest competitive heterosis regarding the productivity. The well-expressed heterosis effect in the white sugar yield from the tested hybrids is an indication for the high breeding value of their parental components.

Key words: sugar beet, hybrids, inheritance, heterosis
Abbreviations: MS - male-sterile, MM - multigerm