Possible Use of Dried Hotamins Lake Soils Mixed with Farm Yard Manure as a Growth Medium in Carnation Production

Selcuk University, Cumra Occupational High School, 42500, Cumra, Konya, Turkey


ER, FATIH, MELVUT MULAYIM and NILGUN KIVRAK, 2004. Possible use of dried hotamins lake soils mixed with farm yard manure as a growth medium in carnation production. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 611-616

For flower production, one part of garden soil, two parts of farmyard manure and one part of silt, sand or perlit is used as a standard substrate. However, in recent years, perlite and other organic materials having high water holding capacity are used as a growth medium for planting. The main object of this study is to investigate the possible use of dried Hotamis Lake soils as a growth medium in carnation production. The dried Hotamis Lake land lie towards the South-East region of Konya Closed Basin in Turkey. The study area has remained under water lodged conditions for about 20 years. The most extensive use of these organic soils is a mixture soil, especially for vegetable and flower production. These soils may widely for potted plants, and for home flower as well as for commercial greenhouse flower production. In this study, an experiment was carried out in a randomized block design with three replications using the soils obtained from this area. Seeds of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) were sown in plastic bags and grown in high plastic tunnels. Each plastic bag contained 1000 grams mixtures. The growth mixture consisted of two parts of garden soil and one part of perlite. This standard substrate was mixed with different ratios of soil obtained from dried Hotamis Lake and farm yard manure. For this aim, soil samples were collected from dried Hotamis Lake. Plants were harvested after 8 weeks. Some quality parameters were recorded, and nutrient statuses of plants were determined. Even the first stage of blooming was seen in this media and the diameter of bloom stems and the weight of them were made fix at the highest doze of organic matter and the farm yard manure.

Key words: carnation, organic matter, plant nutrition, quality parameters, hotamis lake soils