Technological Evaluation of Introduced Virginia Type Tobacco Varieties

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, BG - 4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


DRACHEV, D., N. NIKOLOV and V. NIKOLOVA, 2004. Technological evaluation of introduced Virginia type tobacco varieties. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 591-597

The variety structure improving of Virginia type tobaccos growing in our country has big importance as well as for growers and like raw for tobacco products production. The aim of present investigation is technological evaluation of type Virginia introduced tobacco varieties and their quality comparison with widely distributed local variety.
A one year test shows, that in respect of main quality indexes by which the evaluation is made chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke, physical indexes, expert and smoking evaluation/ it can't determine better quality of introduced varieties. The results for control (local) variety are better in many relations. It is necessary additional investigation (repetition) for one crop at least.

Key words: Virginia type, quality indexes, chemical composition, tobacco smoke, physical indexes, smoking evaluation, expert evaluation