Vegetative Manifestations of the Apple, Cultivated under Different Technologies

Institute of Agriculture, BG - 2500 Kyustendil, Bulgaria


DOMOZETOV, D., 2004. Vegetative manifestations of the apple, cultivated under different technologies. Bulg. J. Ag ric. Sci., 10: 567-571

Three tech nol o gies for ap ple pro duc tion with dif fer ent re sour ces avail a bil i ty were in ves ti gat ed dur ing the pe ri od 1996 - 2003, name ly: T1 - stand ard, T2 - in te grat ed and T3 - re sour ces sav ing. The plan ta tion was from 1 to 8 veg e ta tion, plant ed on a cin na mon ic for est soil with cul ti vars Pri ma, Flo ri na and Er win Baur graft ed on a clon al root stock MM 106. The trees were shaped as a free spin dle with dif fer ent num ber of skel e ton branch es.
The de creas ing of the quan ti ta tive pa ram e ters of the tech nol o gy fac tors did not re flect neg a tive on the trunk thick ness of the trees.
At the end of the eighth veg e ta tion the big gest size of the crown had the trees of cul ti var Flo ri na, fol lowed by these of Er win baur and Pri ma. The crowns of the trees cul ti vat ed at the con di tions of T2 and T3 were char ac ter ized with big ger size com pared with these at T1. The pro jec tion of the crowns oc cu pied about 50% from the avail a ble nu tri tion ar ea and pro vid ed a free cor ri dor in the in ter-row (over 2.10 m) for the un im ped ed move ment of the ag ri cul tur al ma chines. The dis tan ces of plant ing (4.5 x 2.5 m) were ad e quate to cul ti vate trees but it is nec es sa ry to ap ply not so se vere lim it ing prun ing in a di rec tion of the row with a view to cre ate "unbroken fruit-bearing wall".

Key words: apple, diameter of trunk, parameters of crown